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MAP's Night Off presents:

- Seattle, WA, 2017

The first installment of MAP Theatre's off-night production. A devised theater project inspired solely by the design elements of the mainstage show, Greensward. Two premiere plays, two artistic teams, two unique artistic experiences.

Christmastown Square.jpg

by Wayne Rawley

- Columbus, GA, 2018

Presented as the first in a series of Free Staged Play Readings, this beloved Seattle tradition was presented for the first time in Columbus, Georgia at Iron Bank Coffee Company. 


The Columbus Museum Design Challenge

- Columbus, GA, 2019

Workshop Readings - Community Bridge

- Columbus, GA, 2019

Invited to curate the theatrical element of the Columbus Museum's annual Membership Party, Amanda developed this project from the desire to celebrate design as an important, and often overlooked element of theater. 5 Designers partnered with 5 Performers had 2 days to design and create wearable pieces of art inspired by resident art pieces in the Museum. 


A group of local Columbus, GA performers read three different plays in three different stages by playwrights in Seattle, WA. Playwrights were Skyped in for the readings, provided a feedback session, and given notes for the next stage of development: Creating a bridge between two arts communities on opposite ends of the country, development for playwrights, and opportunities for local performers.


The Body Story Podcast

- May 2019 to Present

Broken Bone Bathtub &
the Hopeful Healing Hour

- Columbus, GA, 2019

Two pieces of personal storytelling, in one evening within a historic house in Uptown Columbus. Upstairs in the bathroom, Broken Bone Bathtub, developed & performed by Siobhan O'Loughlin. Downstairs in the living room, The Hopeful Healing Hour, developed & performed by Beth Reeves and Amanda Rae: Two women explore their personal narratives with the support from one another, as they discover generational trauma, grief, and emotion as a shared experience. 


HEIST! at the Columbus Museum 

- Columbus, GA, 2019

For her second collaboration with the Columbus Museum, Amanda was asked to create the inaugural event of the museum's Late Night event series. She conceptualized and wrote an interactive art heist mystery event; an hour-long tour through four galleries where guests were invited to solve the mystery through clues and puzzles. Amanda wrote the script to the event, developed the puzzles, built the clues and props, and hired local performers to create the scenes. The event sold out days in advance, and delivered to 100+ patrons.

The Body Story Podcast is a show about how we collectively experience our bodies, the shame that has been dealt to us, and the ways we're coping with it. Each episode features an in-depth conversation with someone who is ready to share their body story. Our hope is that these stories will help others better understand the relationships with their own bodies and learn to love them unconditionally. Hosted and created by Tiffany Eller, Amanda came on as a Producer in the early stages of the show to assist with project management, resource support, and show accessibility.

Christmastown 2019.jpg

by Wayne Rawley - At the Columbus Museum!

- Columbus, GA, 2018

Her third collaboration with the Columbus Museum, Amanda continued with the second event of the Late Night Series. Bringing the magic of Christmastown to Columbus for a second year, Amanda produced, directed, and designed this special one-night-only performance of the beloved Seattle favorite.