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s h o w
Coriolanus - Fight Like a Bitch
W. Shakespeare 
r o l e
Aufidius' Lieutenant
d i r 
Emily Penick
p r o
Rebel Kat Productions
Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act
Athol Fugard 
Frieda Joubert 
Emily Harvey
Theatre Schmeater
Money & Run: Pilot
Wayne Rawley
Money - Robbie Jean Marshall
Wayne Rawley
Theatre Schmeater
The Laramie Project
Moises Kaufman & the Tectonic Theater Project
Romaine Patterson, Sgt. Reggie Fluty
Debra Pralle
Highline College
LIVE: From the Last Night of My Life
Wayne Rawley
Sad Girlfriend
Debra Pralle
Highline College