other fun stuff about me.

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A catch-all page for other fun things to know about Amanda, if you're curious.

s o m e w h a t  r e l e v a n t

+ Award Recipient: Highline College's Outstanding Program Contributions for Theatrical Excellence, 2013-2014

+ Community Organization: She loves creating community tools! Amanda developed a Seattle Industry Night Calendar (SINC) for theater artists in the area to learn about upcoming Industry events in 2015. Upon moving to Columbus, GA in 2018, she created a ColGAthtr Facebook group and hashtag, and hosts monthly Happy Hours for artists to meet and network.

+ Script Work: Amanda enjoys hosting workshops and assisting with script development. She has done a fair amount of professional script editing and formatting, including all of the scripts for Pink Llama Drama by writer and artist Kate Swenson!

+ Certifications and Training: CPR certified, First-Aid certified, MAST permit (WA state, Class 12), Digital Marketing Training.

j u s t  f o r  f u n

+ Amanda knows how to decorate cakes, Not quite professionally. But she knows how to layer them properly, use fondant well, and use decorating tips.

+ She can whistle pretty good.

+ Amanda loves cooking and sets recipe goals for herself. She researches a complicated recipe for several months at a time, learns about its origins, slowly becomes familiar with each ingredient, and then spends a day tackling it. Most recent endeavors include a first stab at the perfect ratatouille, and making xiaolongbao from scratch. 

+ She likes to sing and is good at it, but cannot read music and probably shouldn't be hired for the National Anthem or anything.

+ Amanda has written and hosted a lot of trivia nights and has a lot of random knowledge about select TV shows.

+ Amanda studies aerial arts, including silks, lyra, and pole.