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About Amanda Rae

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Amanda spent two years in the beautiful arts community of Columbus, Georgia. She returned to the PNW in January, 2020 and currently lives and works in Tacoma, Washington!

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As an artist, Amanda is focused and
self-motivated. The projects she seeks
challenge emotional understanding,
and encourage participants and patrons to
consider what role art plays in their lives.

Artist Collaborator


Photo by John Ulman

Amanda believes that excellent management begins with understanding the intricate details of each position and how it effects the project or organization as a whole. This belief is the inspiration by which she has made her passion her profession, dedicating her career to learning and working within all aspects of theater. From freelance design, stage and production management, producing, and performance, to working within events, technical operations, marketing, development, and education, Amanda has learned to speak each unique language, understanding the challenges posed to all departments and positions. 

Professionally, Amanda works as both a freelance artist and coordinator for hire, as well as a team member in residence or on staff within an organization. She is a collaborative artist who is dedicated to providing resources and balance to the projects and teams she is a part of. 

Personally, Amanda is dedicated to advocacy for abuse and trauma survivors, cult survivors, eradicating white supremacy, and volunteering for LGBTQ+ organizations and causes. 

artist statement.

Honest collaboration requires the desire to listen, the strength to fail, and the courage to remain transparent in the process. 

It does not require certainty or perfection.
It does not require ego or demureness.

It requires respect, patience, and a dedication to understanding that art is an opportunity for us all to become better.

I create with and for those who strive for progress.


Click icon to download. Letters of recommendation available upon request.

Management résumé

Production résumé

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